Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cummins Commercial Industrial Diesel Generators Types

Fuel type. Power rating. Application. You need a generator set to fit very specific criteria. And that’s why Cummins Power gives you the convenience of finding generator sets based on real-world applications and specs.

          Commercial Industrial

  Commercial generator sets available in a range of sizes to meet any application. These clean, modern generator with optional exhaust after treatment are suitable for either standby/emergency power, continuous or prime power applications.


Cummins Power Generation provides efficient, fully-integrated systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. We're here to keep you up and running, no matter what.  

Cummins Power Generation Home Generators

Peace of mind comes automatically.
A long tradition of power and legendary durability comes standard in every quiet-running Cummins Power Generation home standby generator. Take a look at our selection and see why we're trusted to back up police, firefighters and hospitals across America, and learn how we can back up your home, too.

Light Commercial

Cummins has multiple generator options that will fit your particular business application, so you know that when the lights go out, your business keeps going. 

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